• The Dri-Scope Aid®2 simultaneously supplies HEPA filtered air to all channels to aid in drying endoscopes. The dual timer increases efficiency by allowing two scopes to be connected individually with separate timers.
  • GCX is the leading developer of medical device mounting solutions for healthcare providers and OEMs
  • Buy, Lease, Repair, Sell, Trade In, New and Certified Pre-owned Endoscopy Equipment

Certified Pre-owned Equipment Sales

All pre-owned equipment goes through a comprehensive certification process that insures the equipment performs to the same specifications and requirements as if it were brand new.

One Year Warranty Protection

All pre-owned equipment comes with a One Year Warranty, the same warranty you receive with new equipment.

Installation, Training and In Service

We offer installation and staff training as well as coordinating any service or maintenance your equipment may need.

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  • ​​Repair Olympus MAJ-846 (CV-160) and MAJ-1430 (CV-180) videoscope cables